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Barnabas Wamao(non-registered)
Chris, I appreciate the kinds words over training and I had to come check out your page and I am really impressed with your work; What I like most about your work was unlike most professional photographers you do not over expose your pictures. I totally love it!!! hopefully we'll shoot together soon. You are awesome!
Patti McCarthy(non-registered)
Let me just say, Chris McKenzie, that you did such an amazing job on Chris and Rojina's wedding, capturing not only the beauty of the couple and the day, but all the emotiions as well, AND especially the fun at the dance!!! My gosh, the dance floor rocked the whole night!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jessica McKinney(non-registered)
Wow Chris you really do have some talent. I loved all the photos that I saw. Can't wait to see some of the other ones you took.
Patti McCarthy(non-registered)
Chris, these photos of Chris and Rojina are amazing! Awesome job! Thank you for this wonderful gift you have shared with our family.
Deanne Schmit(non-registered)
Great Pictures! Love the unique posing/candid pics of the bridal parties. Great variety of family opportunies. I just may call for a kid sitting..... or two, or three or is that 4 granddaughters we could attempt...... :)
Kristin Von Eschen(non-registered)
Beautiful! I love how you capture the little things that really stand out. Great job! I will keep referring you to family and friends. No need for a fruit basket though. :-)
Wendy Stiles(non-registered)
Wow, those pictures are amazing!!! Love them! You are such an awesome photographer! Keep up the great work friend!!
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